New Site Design

Yup, that's right - we've completely redesigned our website. Our previous website was built and launched over two years ago. Due to ongoing technical issues with the old website, we felt it was easier to redesign the website completely from scratch while still keeping some of our key tools around. Please take a look at some of the tools that we currently provide:

Flack Overstow

Mark Rushakoff's famous Python application now lives online. Simply enter your profile URL from a Stack Exchange website and instantly receive a stream of silliness.

OpenID Provider

Use your Quick Media Solutions account to log into any OpenID enabled website.


Debugging a small snippet of source code? Want to share some code with other developers? Use our pastebin to store your snippet and get a unique URL to share with others.

Stack Exchange Dashboard

We're huge fans of Stack Exchange network. We've developed a "dashboard" that includes some tools we think you'll find useful.

Something Missing?

Due to the circumstances surrounding the launch of our new website, some services and pages may be missing from this list. We apologize for the missing pages and will be working hard over the coming days to restore many of them.

If you have any questions, please send them to