Information, Tools, and Services

We provide a number of tools and services for the benefit of our users. Please browse the list below and explore some of the tools - we're certain that you'll find something interesting.

Nathan's Notepad

My personal blog features a selection of articles that I've written over the years on a number of topics relating to software development.

Flack Overstow

Mark Rushakoff's famous Python application now lives online. Simply enter your profile URL from a Stack Exchange website and instantly receive a stream of silliness.

OpenID Provider

Use your Quick Media Solutions account to log into any OpenID enabled website.


Debugging a small snippet of source code? Want to share some code with other developers? Use our pastebin to store your snippet and get a unique URL to share with others.

Stack Exchange Dashboard

We're huge fans of Stack Exchange network. We've developed a "dashboard" that includes some tools we think you'll find useful.

Django Docker Generator

Django projects that run in Docker containers contain a lot of boilerplate code. This page asks a few simple questions and then generates enough code to get you started.

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